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For product review
I am happy to review products/Items sent to me however I only review items I and my readers will be interested in.
Once the Item is send out and received I will post a review/blog post within two weeks (depending on my schedule) I will include links and details of the brand as well the product details.

Thank for your interest in featuring me on your (blog/site/magazine/socialmedia) 
Please feel free to use any of my images credited back to my blog or send me an email with any question regarding a possible feature.

I love attending fashion related events there is no better reason to dress up.
I will be more then happy to attend events, whether is collection viewing, press day, or just a fabulous get together to celebrate fashion. 
I would however appreciate  at least a weeks notice due to my work schedule.

I am looking to work and collaborate with different brands whether is styling, photography or anything along the lines of fashion, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading

Lucia Lolita